My Story

My name is Monika and I am your artist.

I started this business ,because I am inspired by intradermal cosmetic technologies and how they can change the lives of people affected by trauma , surgery , burns , scaring and other medical conditions affecting pigmentation of skin or hair loss.  I entered Nursing in 1983 and still passionately love my vocation, which I decided on when I was just 13 years old. Many years have passed since and I have been looking for a long time to find a way to leave the traditional nursing role in the hospital that is commonly known, to become an entrepreneur in the intradermal cosmetic and wellness industry. This is not a "new trend" by any means for Nurses , but very specialized.  Today there are not many Nurses that are working in this field , but I am confident that these services will be widely provided in years to come.  I have earned several specialty certifications at the renown  Dallas Skin institute  and continue to expand my education and skills on an ongoing basis.

You have my absolute commitment and dedication to excellent services provided to you. It is an honor to be your Intradermal Cosmetic Technician and Nurse .

Clients are seen on an individual basis for consultation and services-  BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. I will do my best to accommodate you  during times that work best for you.